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            <h1>A 20-Second Mistake!</h1>

            Here's an example:


                  <li>A user wants to click on the third key in the second row of an on-screen keyboard.</li>

                  <li>The scan speed is set for 2 seconds to give enough time for the user to locate the target letter and respond when it is offered.</li>

                  <li>Scanning advances to the 2nd row.</li>

                  <li>The user successfully selects the 2nd row.</li>

                  <li>Now the user must wait for the 3rd key.</li>

                  <li>But the user doesn't click on time!</li>

                  <li>Assume there are 7 more keys to scan in that row [ 14 seconds ]</li>

                  <li><b>Some scanning systems make you wait through the entire row...which is really a bad idea</b>(because if you accidentally end up in the wrong row, you have to wait even longer!)</li>

                  <li>Now you have to wait while it gets back to the second row [at least 2 seconds ]</li>

                  <li>Then you have to wait while it gets back to the third key in the second row [ 4 seconds ]</li>


             If you add it up, this mistake just cost the user at least 20 seconds! 

             When it takes so long to get to the key you want there is a huge penalty for missing it.

             <br />

             <span style="text-align:center;">REACH has a way to solve this problem.  REACH's <b>scan undo!</b></span>